Resource Questionnaire

Resource Questionnaire


Use the Resources found on the Variation in Human Skin Color eheet to respond to the questions below. http://sciencenetlinks.com/esheets/variation-in-human-skin-color/

Resource #1

  1. What are some traits that people share?
  2. Besides genetics, what other factors can affect a person’s appearance and growth?
  3. Why do sub-Saharan Africans have the same dark skin color as many people in places like southern Asia and Australia?
  4. How has racial classification been used in North America?
  5. Why isn’t skin color a good way to classify people?

Resource #2

  1. How does melanin determine skin color?
  2. How does melanin typically respond to ultraviolet radiation?
  3. Besides melanoma, what other conditions does melanin shield against?
  4. Why is some shortwave ultraviolet radiation (UVB) exposure important?
  5. Historically, in what regions of the world have dark- and light-skinned people lived?


Resource #3

  1. How does the process of natural selection influence skin color?
  2. In what way do Jablonski and Chaplin see skin color as “a balancing act”?
  3. What is unique about the Eskimos of Alaska in terms of skin color?
  4. Are dark-skinned people at an advantage or disadvantage in northern latitudes? Why?
  5. What do Jablonski and Chaplin’s findings suggest about the concept of race?
  6. What impact has the idea of race had on society? What changes do you think are necessary?


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