Researching Different Perspectives on Ethics and Reproduction

Researching Different Perspectives on Ethics and Reproduction Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Carlos and Mollie are planning on having a child together. Carlos knows that he is a carrier for CF. As someone who has seen his own brother die from CF, he wants Mollie to get tested for the gene. Mollie, however, does not want to get tested and would rather get pregnant and have the baby, without knowing if the baby has CF. Carlos and Mollie are faced with a number of choices. To make educated decisions, they both need to have factual information from a number of different resources.

The class has been divided into groups, each representing a resource for Carlos and Mollie, such as a genetic counselor, a doctor, a parent of a child with CF, a person with CF, and a religious figure. You and the members of your group will research your respective role and present your perspective to the rest of the class. As you conduct your research, you might find that different members of the same group have varying views. For example, two doctors might have different points of view about genetic testing. Do not add your own personal bias to the issue by picking one view over another; rather, report both perspectives with the reasons that each doctor provides for his/her point of view.

The final presentation will be due on _________. Each group must present its findings on a large poster board. The following must be included on the poster board:

  • Name of professional / role (e.g. genetic counselor).
  • Types of research conducted (e.g. Internet research: include website addresses, interview with Mrs. X at Y Hospital). You must have at least one resource that is not from the Internet!
  • Your perspective/advice for Carlos and Mollie organized into an outline or bullets of information.

The following are some website suggestions to help you begin your research. Do not limit yourself to the information on these sites. As you find more sites, write the URL down in the space provided below to keep track of the information. As stated above, not all resources can be from the Internet. Consider interviewing people in your community.

Be sure to report their names, professions, and write down accurately what they say.

Genetic Counselor:
An Interview with Genetic Counselor Jennifer Facher

Gene Therapy and Cystic Fibrosis
Gene test cuts out cystic fibrosis

Church standpoint:
Counterbalance: Where Does the Church Stand?

Articles about people with cystic fibrosis: 
Cystic Fibrosis
Life with Cystic Fibrosis: Three Teenagers’ Perspectives
Breathing as a Family

Other Resources:


Person(s) Interviewed:


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