Report of Watershed Citizen Group

Report of Watershed Citizen Group Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Use this sheet to help you gather information about a local citizen group that is working to protect a watershed in your area.

Research Your Watershed
What role does the watershed play in your region?




Do you make use of your watershed? If so, in what way?




What are some things you can do to make a difference for your watershed?




What are some of the groups involved in helping to protect watersheds?




What types of information can you get from these groups?



Does it look like there is any one group that would be the best one to go to for help and information?



What kinds of questions would you ask this group?




Report of Watershed Citizen Group
Name of Citizen Watershed Monitoring Group




Type of Data Collected




Runoff Issues in Your Community




Surface Water Problems in Your Watershed




Current Water Monitoring Efforts


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