Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Resources


In this lesson, you will investigate various alternative energy sources and in the end, vote on a new type of energy to be adopted by the “town.” There will be several steps, with the following guidelines and due dates.


1. You will be placed into a group of 4 or 5 members to research one of the following energy sources, as assigned: Solar; Wind; Geothermal; Biomass; or Hydropower. As a group, you will write a one-page summary of the energy source and prepare a presentation for the class.

The following ideas should be included in your summaries/presentations:

  • How does this technology work?
  • How could this energy source be used?
  • What are some examples of its current use?
  • What are apparent environmental impacts associated with this?
  • Are there hidden environmental and social costs?
  • Is this technology widely accepted today? Why or why not?
  • Do the costs of this technology make it prohibitive for common use? Why or why not?

The due date for the summary is ____________, and the due date for the class presentation is ____________.

2. After listening to all class presentations, you will write a “community news article” in which you choose the type of alternative energy you feel would be the easiest to implement in wide spread use. You will use persuasive writing, for you will ultimately be trying to persuade other members of the community to adopt this alternative energy source. You should defend your choice using information
learned in this lesson.

The due date for the article is __________________.

3. Then you will participate in a mock town-hall meeting in which students will be advocates for particular energy sources. You will discuss and debate the various alternative energy sources, and at the end, participate in a class vote to determine what type of alternative energy the “town” will adopt.

The town-hall meeting and vote will be held on _________________.

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