Recycled Science Group Project Student Sheet

Recycled Science Group Project Student Sheet


As a group, you should prepare a class demonstration and show your class how to construct one of the objects from used material based on instructions from Recycled Science. This worksheet is to help you and your group organize your demonstraction. Answer the questions as a group and use this sheet as preparation.

Day 1

Take a minute or two to think of a fun name for your group. Write your group name below. 


What are you and your group going to construct? 


What materials will you need? 


As a group, discuss who will bring what recycled material in order to give the demonstration. Below, write the material(s) you are responsible for. 


What will you need teacher assistance with? Here, list if your project requires the use of box cutters or a hot glue gun. 


Day 2

Bring in your supplies and build your project following the directions in the Recycled Science book.

You can use the space here to write down any problems or observations you make about your project.



Run through a practice demonstration with your group to make sure that everything is working. What problems, if any, did you experience? What can you do to improve on your project?



Take some time to prepare with your group how you will walk through the demonstration. You should consider what kinds of questions your classmates may have about how you built your project. You can keep these things in mind:

  1. What old materials are we using?
  2. What are the steps we go through to make this project?
  3. How does the finished project work?
  4. What is the science behind this recycled project?

Answering these questions will help you with your demonstration.


Day 3

Demonstrate your project in front of the class. As you go through it, be sure to explain what you are doing. You can refer to the Recycled Science Demonstration Peer Review sheet to make sure you cover what you need in your demonstration.

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