Race: DNA Teacher Sheet

Race: DNA Teacher Sheet


To understand the Central Dogma of biological variation, students are to label a diagram. This is the answer key.

In these screenshots from Our Molecular Selves, students should label the following parts of the three images and include these five terms in their Learning Letter home to teach family and friends about the Central Dogma of the Biology of Variation:

That DNA --> RNA --> Proteins.

  1. RNA polymerase copying DNA into RNA so it can enter the cytoplasm to direct protein production
  2. Chromosome
  3. Letter names of 4 types of base pairs, in correct pairs
  4. Amino acid assembly into proteins. Proteins do all the work in every cell
  5. DNA double helix



These images are from the Our Molecular Selves video, part of the Race:
Exploring Our Molecular Selves project from the American Anthropological
Association. They are used here with permission.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Race and Genes lesson.

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