Protein Group Question Sheet

Protein Group Question Sheet


Use the resources about the food group you've been assigned to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

Use the Protein (Purple) section of MyPlate (http://www.choosemyplate.gov/protein-foods) to find answers to these questions. You should read the opening page and then the “What counts as an ounce?”

1. Go __________ on proteins. Choose __________ fat or lean __________ and _______________.

2. List some ways in which one should prepare meat.


3. What are the six different categories included in this group (highlighted in bold print)?
a. ___________________________ d. ___________________________
b. ___________________________ e. ___________________________
c. ___________________________ f. ___________________________

Go to “How much is needed?”

4. Find the chart and copy your daily recommendation of protein for your age.
Girls _________________ Boys ___________________

Click on “Close.”

Next click on “Nutrients and health implications.”

5. Foods in the protein group provide nutrients that are vital for ____________________and
_____________________ of ________________ ______________.

6. However, foods from this group are high in _____________ _____________ and __________________.

7. This group provides many nutrients. What is the function of protein?


8. What is the function of the mineral iron?


Go to “Tips for making wise choices.”

9. What are some tips for eating meats and beans?


Next go to “Vegetarian Choices.” Then click on the link to “Vegetarian Diets.”

11. What are four tips for vegetarians?
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. __________________________________________________________
c. __________________________________________________________
d. __________________________________________________________

Be prepared in class to summarize the Protein food group by defining it, giving examples, and telling the daily recommendation of protein for your age.

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