Proposal Guidelines for Mercury Mission Instruments

Proposal Guidelines for Mercury Mission Instruments


This is your team’s proposal for the instrument you will be in charge of for the Mission to Mercury. Be sure that your answers are clear and to the point. This proposal (not including sketches) should be no more than two pages typed. You may use the Internet to find more information. You may also fictionalize answers where needed. For instance, if your team has a really interesting idea for how to test the instrument, but this is not testing that is done in the real world, that’s fine. Be creative.

  • Name of your instrument
  • Give the names of the team members of the design team and how each will contribute to the project.
  • Purpose/goal of your instrument
  • Describe how the purpose of your instrument helps the overall mission meet its goals. You may want to revisit the goals listed in the interactive as well as the first reading you did.
    Mercury the Mission - http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/the_mission/index.html
  • Describe other applications this instrument may have besides just on this mission.
  • Describe the assessment or testing you will do to ensure that the instrument will not fail on the mission. Please be specific.
  • Who or what company will make your instrument?
  • How will it be operated on the mission? (In other words, how will it return its data to earth?)
  • Provide sketches of your instrument as well as a small model. One sketch should show the instrument itself, another should show how it fits into the cargo bay. (Do not worry about
    other teams' instruments fitting into your cargo bay, or vice versa. This is just a proposal.)

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