Pro-Microbial Advertising Campaign

Pro-Microbial Advertising Campaign Photo Credit: Clipart.com


You’ve all seen the commercials that urge us to rid ourselves and our homes of bacteria. Some of these commercials are quite scary.

Now it’s your turn to do some advertising of your own—this time to present bacteria in a more positive light. Your job is to develop an advertising campaign for your high school to depict the diversity of bacteria as a normal and positive part of our lives. The pro-microbial advertising might appear in morning announcements to the student body, in student newspapers, on the student radio or cable TV show, or on posters in the hallways. Essays on this topic might take the form of advertising copy. Note that this does not have to be a campaign advocating for body odor. However it should be more informative than the usual advertising campaigns on that topic.

A caveat: An important aspect of the advertising campaign would be not to counteract hype with hype. That is, the goal is not to demand that the reader simply agree that bacteria are great. Rather, you should include convincing scientific facts and evidence and draw logical conclusions. In that sense, this should not be an advertising campaign in the usual sense but rather an opportunity to spread scientific information in an appealing way to the general public of the school.

Have fun!

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