Poster Assignment and Rubric

Poster Assignment and Rubric


You should prepare a poster of one significant invention that involved chemical engineering. You may select an invention that is featured at the Inventor of the Week site, or that you find from some other source—so long as it pertains to chemical engineering.

Create a poster about an invention that involved chemical engineering.

Getting Started:
To find a topic, search the Inventors of the Week website (http://web.mit.edu/invent/i-archive.html). Be sure to select an article about an invention that involved chemical engineering. Use information from the article and from any other useful sources you find to develop a poster explaining the invention to your classmates. Before starting your poster, get approval from your teacher on your topic and your sources.

Your poster will be evaluated on these criteria:
____ The poster is clearly focused on a chemical engineering invention and is labeled as such.
____ The poster explains the invention and the problem it addresses.
____ The poster also provides details on the invention process (why, when, where, and how).
____ The poster provides biographical details on the scientist or scientists involved, including information about education, career, and scientific experience.
____ The poster describes how that invention has affected you and/or your community.
____ Graphics such as illustrations, photographs, and drawings support the topic and help make it interesting and understandable.
____ The poster is free of errors in capitalization, usage, punctuation, or spelling.
____ Sources for background information and for all borrowed graphics are cited on the front of the poster.
____ The poster is neat and presentable and can be read from a distance of two feet.

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