Population Growth Group

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Follow the instructions for the Group to which your teacher has assigned you to complete an activity that will help you understand the causes and consequences of population growth and the environmental factors that contribute to it. Check out the Population Dynamics student esheet for more specific instructions. Then answer the questions for your assigned group.

Group 1 Questions

1. What factors influence a country’s population growth rate?

2. Which income group makes up the majority of the population in all the years shown in Chart 1? Why do you think this is the case?

3. Which income group will stay about the same from 1980 to 2015? What economic and social
factors play a part?

4. Which income group is projected to show the most population growth from 1980 to 2015? What economic and social factors play a part?

5. Based on Chart 2, which income group will cut its growth rate about in half between 1980 and
2015? How will this affect the total world population?

6. What is happening to the average annual population growth rate in low- and middle-income
countries over time?

7. Why are birth rates declining for people at all income levels?

Group 2 Questions

1. What is population momentum and how does it affect population growth?

2. Based on Charts 3.1 and 3.2, what age constitutes the greatest percentage of the population in low-income economies? In high-income economies?

3. At what age does the gender balance of populations change? What is the effect of income at
that age?

4. Compare and contrast the age composition between low-income and high-income economies in 2000 and 2030. What are the differences between the two? Are there any similarities?

5. How does having a mostly young population affect a country? Having a mostly elderly

6. What are the effects of migration and urbanization on a country?

Group 3 Questions

1. What effect does increasing population have on the GNP per capita?

2. How might a growing population limit access to safe water?

3. What connection might there be between population growth and deforestation?

4. What other harmful effects might increasing population have on the environment?

5. What social strategies might help countries limit population growth?

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