Pond Water – A Closer Look

Pond Water – A Closer Look


Work through the lab procedure making notes and sketches in your science notebook. Then answer the questions at the bottom of this sheet.

Lab Procedure

1. Put a very small drop of pond water on a slide. Place a cover slip over it. First, look though a
hand lens.

  • Is there anything in the water?
  • What do you see?

2. Now look at the drop of water through the microscope at 30x magnification.

  • Is there anything in the water?
  • What do you see?

(Note—if you do not see anything on your slide, make more slides until you do.)

3. Once you see a living thing, follow it closely and sketch it in your notebook. Draw some of the
paths it takes as it moves across the field of your microscope.

4. Then sketch the shape of the kind of living organism you seem to see most often in your field.
Also sketch the shape of the largest organism you see in your field.

5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 at 100x magnification.


  • Do all the organisms you see swim in the same way? In what different ways do they swim?



  • How many different kinds of organisms have you seen? If you had to name these organisms in a way that describes them, what names would you give them?



  • Do you see something in the field that is not moving? What could this be?



  • Discuss the differences in what you saw using the hand lens and 30x and 100x magnification.



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