Plastics Pledge

Plastics Pledge


After you have read the Plastics Pledge intended to reduce waste made up of plastic bags, complete this student sheet in class.

The way things are now in my family

  1. The main ways and places my family gets plastic bags are:
  2. In our house, when plastic bags come home, this is what we do with them:
  3. My family is aware that it’s not good to use so much plastic. True or false?

How the plastic pledge could work/not work in my family

  1. What does the Plastic Pledge ask families to do?
  2. Can you imagine your family doing that? Why or why not?
  3. Is it realistic to say we won't ever buy or use products that contain or are delivered in plastic?
  4. Have you ever promised something that is too big to do? What was it? These kinds of promises are very tempting—and are usually hard to keep. For example: “I’ll never tease my brother again.”
  5. What’s a more reasonable way to make a promise you could keep about trying to do what you had said you would do?
  6. Edit the Plastic Pledge so it’s a promise you can keep. What words can you take out or add to make it more likely that you can keep this promise to the earth? (Hint: I pledge that I will think before I buy or use products that contain or are delivered in plastic, and try to find ways to meet my needs in other ways. For example, I can carry a water bottle so I don't need plastic cups or bottles.)
  7. Name one thing you or your family can do to use fewer plastic bags and less plastic.

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