Planning My Own Mission

Planning My Own Mission


While you can go anywhere on this mission and use your imagination, remember to be somewhat realistic. For instance, if you choose to send humans to Mars, remember that it takes six months to get there! The spacecraft will have to hold enough fuel and food for much more than six months. If you choose to go to Antarctica, remember that you and the other researchers will need to stay warm.

Where will the mission go?



How will I (or data collectors) get there and how long will it take?



Why am I going? What do I hope to learn?



What will my instruments need to do? (You don’t have to have special names. If you know what kind of data you want to collect, you’ll know what the instruments need to do. Don’t forget that you may need to store samples or other information and find a way to get it home.)



Who will use the data when it is returned? (Try to think of the many other people who will be interested in this information.)



What types of constraints do I expect to encounter with designing the vehicle that will take me there, or designing the actual equipment I will bring?



Are there other constraints that I expect to encounter with this mission?



Who will be on the planning team?



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