The Planet Mercury Quiz

The Planet Mercury Quiz Photo Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct multiple-choice answer

1.  All of the following have been found on Mercury’s surface, except ______.

A. Craters                     B. Long cliffs                 C. Ice                D. Oceans

2.  In relation to the sun, Mercury is the ______ planet.

A. Closest                     B. Farthest                    C. Hottest         D. Coldest

3.  Mercury is ______ million miles away from the sun, while the planet Earth is _______ million miles away.

A. 36, 93                       B. 93, 36                       C. 25, 75           D. 75, 25

4.  Mercury is the ______ largest planet in the solar system.

A. Second                     B. Fourth                       C. Eighth           D. Ninth

5.  In terms of radius, Earth is approximately ______ times bigger than Mercury.

A. 2.0                           B. 2.6                           C. 3.0               D. 3.6

6.  Mercury was named after the Roman god who originally was based on the Greek god ______.

A. Zeus                         B. Aphrodite                  C. Hermes         D. Hera

7.  Mercury orbits the sun ______ times faster than Earth, or about once every ______ months.

A. 3, 4                          B. 4, 3                          C. 2, 6              D. 6, 2

8.  On the side of Mercury that faces the sun, temperatures can reach as high as ______ degrees Fahrenheit.

A. 100                           B. 350                           C. 500               D. 750

9.  On the side of Mercury that faces away from the sun, temperatures can reach as low as ______ degrees Fahrenheit.

A. —100                       B. —240                       C. —380           D. —520

10.  If a man weighs 300 pounds on Earth, he would weigh approximately ______ pounds on Mercury.

A. 24                            B. 44                            C. 64                D. 84

11.  People weigh different amounts on different planets due to _____, or the force that “pulls” between objects.

A. Longevity                  B. Longitude                  C. Gravity          D. Asteroids

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