Periodic Table Timeline

Periodic Table Timeline Photo Credit: Clipart.com


In this lesson, you will learn about the early history of the periodic table. You should use information from A Brief History of the Development of Periodic Table to complete this timeline and answer the questions that follow it.

Periodic Table Timeline
Fill in the blanks with the correct dates, facts, and figures. Use the information provided below to suggest and guide your answers.

1649    —        Hennig Brand _____________________________________________.

____    —        ___________ discovered the halogen triad and the alkali metal triad.

1862    —        The first periodic table was created by ____________. He assembled the table by 



1864    —        _________________________________________________________________


____    —        _____________ published his periodic table, eventually becoming the “father of the

periodic table.”

1870    —        Lothar Meyer _____________________________________________________


____    —        ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ discovered ________, a new gaseous element that was chemically


1898    —        _____________ helped to establish the __________ (for “zero valency”) and predicted

the future discovery of the element __________.

____    —        Ernest Rutherford _________________________________________________


1911    —        A. van den Broek established that ____________________________________

_________________________________. This charge ____________________


____    —        ______________ discovered _______________. This discovery established that “the

properties of the elements varied periodically with atomic number,” not ___________,

which had been previously accepted under periodic law.

____    —        ______________ discovered ________ and the transuranic elements from

_________. His findings represented the last (and most recent) changes to

the periodic table. 


Explain the significance of each of the key events on the timeline.



In brief, how did Mendeleev create his periodic table?



What made Mendeleev’s periodic table more widely accepted than others?




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