Passenger Pigeon Resources for Teachers

Passenger Pigeon Resources for Teachers


The resources listed on this sheet can provide you with background information on the Passenger Pigeon.

Accounts of the Passenger Pigeon include the following:

Blockstein, D. E. 2002. Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius), in The Birds of North America, No. 611 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.). The Birds of North America, Ind., Philadelphia, PA.

Cokinos, C. 2000. Hope is the Thing with Feathers. A Personal Chronicle of Vanished Birds. Warner Books. 354 pp.

Fuller, E. 2001. Extinct Birds (Revised Edition). Cornell University Press, NY. 400 pp.

Goodwin, D. 1983. Pigeons and Doves of the World, 3rd ed. British Museum (Natural History).

Leopold, A. 1947. “On a monument to the pigeon,” pp. 3-5 in Silent Wings: A Memorial to the Passenger Pigeon (W.E. Scott, ed.). Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Madison, WI.

Schorger, A. W. 1955. The Passenger Pigeon: Its Natural History and Extinction. University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, WI.

Weidensaul, S. 1991. The Birder’s Miscellany. Simon & Schuster, New York, NY. 135 pp.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Passenger Pigeons: Nomads Lost lesson.

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