Outdoor Labs

Outdoor Labs


Have you ever wondered what types of living things live in the ecosystems that surround you—like your school playground, your own backyard, or a nearby park? You can do the activities in the Outdoor Science Lab for Kids book to help you learn more about the living things near you. Use this sheet to help you conduct some of the labs in the book.

Lab Directions

Be Aware! Don’t pick up insects and spiders with your bare hands unless you know they don’t bite or sting. Release each organism where it was captured to avoid spreading disease from one population to another or to introduce animals into areas where they don’t belong.

Go back to “Science Journals” on pages 10-11 in your book to refresh your memory about each piece of information you are asked to write down.

Lab #: _____________      Date: ______________  
Name: ________________________________________ Time: ______________


QUESTION: What do you want to find out with this experiment?



HYPOTHESIS: What do you think will happen?


RESULTS: What did you find when you did the experiment to test your hypothesis?




CONCLUSION: Look at your results. Were they in line with what you expected—in other words, did they support your hypothesis? Why or why not?





Read the column “The Science Behind the Fun” for this experiment. What else could you manipulate or change in your experiment to test an effect? Use the blank space on the back to write down your ideas.



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