Ocean Floor Exploration

Ocean Floor Exploration


Have you ever wondered how scientists have learned about the ocean floor? Use the resources on your student esheet to help you learn more about how scientists mapped the ocean floor.

Google Maps: ridge in the Atlantic Ocean

What might this ridge be? What might it be telling us about the earth?




How One Brilliant Woman Mapped the Secrets of the Ocean Floor

List the some of the steps shown in the video that convinced scientists that the continents move.




Marie Tharp Map of the Ocean Floor

Did you locate the Atlantic Ocean?



Did you find the ridge in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?



What does it look like?



Are you surprised to see that the floor isn't flat?



Follow the mid-ocean ridge all around the world. This ridge is actually a mountain range. Look for mountain ranges on the land. Can you find one that is longer than the one on the ocean's floor?



Plate Tectonics Explained

How old is the idea that the continents drift around the globe?



When did most geologists believe in continental drift?



How do we track the movement of tectonic plates?



The video states that tectonic plates are carried along on currents in the upper mantle. What is the upper mantle?



What type of current drives two plates into each other?



What type of current pulls two plates apart?



Do all the plates move at the same speed?



When an oceanic plate collides with a continental plate, which will be forced under the other?


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