Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition and Exercise


During this lesson, you will learn about how to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. Use this sheet as a starting point for determining what you need to do to accomplish this goal. To answer the questions on this sheet, you will use the resources found on the Making Good Decisions about Diet and Exercise student esheet.

Part I: Adding to Your Knowledge
Begin by adding to your knowledge about nutrition and exercise by using these resources found on your student esheet:

  • The Science Inside: Obesity
  • When Being Overweight is a Health Problem

What is a calorie? Why are calories important?



When does the body work most efficiently?



What fats should be in our diet? What fats should not be?



What is the cholesterol found in our bodies?



What is metabolism?



Part II: Using the Burn Calculator
Make use of the Activity Calorie Burn Rate Calculator to find out how many calories you burn in a day. Record the results in the space below:

Calories burned: ___________________

Part III: Making Healthy Choices
Before you fill out the student sheet outlining your plan for healthy living, you need to learn more about nutrition. Use these resources to learn more:

  • Eat a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Every Day
  • BAM! Food and Nutrition
  • BAM! Physical Activity
  • The Science Inside: Obesity (pages 33-39

Based on your age and sex, how many servings of fruits and vegetables do you need each day?



What counts as a fruit or vegetable?



Did you learn about some new fruits and vegetables to try? If so, what are they?



Did you find any recipes to try?



After playing the BAM! Dining Decisions game, what are your thoughts about planning meals? Have your ideas changed as a result of playing the game?



Did you learn anything new after answering the questions in “I Heard a Hurdle Race?” If so, how will you change your exercise habits?



Did you learn anything else after exploring these two sites? Write down any thoughts you have.



Did you find this resource helpful?