Ch. 8: Nice to Meet You, Neanderthal Reading Guide

Ch. 8: Nice to Meet You, Neanderthal Reading Guide


The "Nice to Meet You, Neanderthal" chapter introduces the possibility of one day resurrecting our closest relative, the Neanderthal. This chapter further explores the concept of hyperobjects and the relationship prehistoric and modern humans have with nature. Use the resources on the Resurrection Science student esheet and read Ch. 8 in the book to help answer the questions on this sheet.

Key Terms

  • Neanderthal
  • Mitochondrial DNA
  • Genetic engineering
  • Levallois core
  • Ice Age
  • Interbreeding
  • Cro-Magnons
  • De-extinction
  • Cambrian explosion
  • Hyperobjects


1. In your own words, explain the dilemma in this chapter.


2. What was the most interesting thing you discovered in this chapter?


3. What was confusing?


4. What is a Neanderthal and how is it related to the modern human?


5. What is a Levallois core? What did this discovery reveal about Neanderthals?


6. What are some causes that drive extinction? Which one do you think is the major cause? 


7. Do you agree with the statement, “Prehistoric humans lacked the concept of a wilderness to escape or a civilization to seek”? Explain.


8. What is the concept of hyperobjects? Give one example and explain in your own words what makes it a hyperobject.


8. Research any additional information out there on current de-extinction projects. Will Neanderthals be brought back to life anytime soon? 



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