Ch. 4: Mysteries of the Whale Called 1334 Reading Guide

Ch. 4: Mysteries of the Whale Called 1334 Reading Guide


The "Mysteries of the Whale Called 1334" chapter explores the story of the history and tracking of the right whales. This chapter touches on the human impact of whale poaching and climate change and its effect on the whale population. Use the resources on the Resurrection Science student esheet and read Ch. 4 in the book to help answer the questions on this sheet.

Key Terms

  • Anthropogenic
  • Climate change
  • Homozygous alleles


1. In your own words, explain the dilemma in this chapter.


2. What was the most interesting thing you discovered in this chapter?


3. What was confusing?


4. What is climate change? How might it affect animal populations in the ocean?


5. Give some background information on the right whale. How have their populations been affected?


6. The right whales are said to be one of the most homozygous species. What do they mean by that?


7. Historically, why was the poaching of whales a big industry?


8. Research any additional information out there on the right whale population. How are these whales doing today?

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