MyPlate Poster

MyPlate Poster By Peggy Greb, U.S. Department of Agriculture [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


You and your classmates will now work together to make a MyPlate poster. First, work with your team to get information about the food group you've been assigned. Follow the directions on this sheet to complete it.


  • Poster Board
  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Markers, pens, colored pencils


  1. Choose a piece of construction paper that is the color that goes with your food group: Red–fruits; Green–vegetables; Purple–protein; Orange–grains.
  2. Cut this paper into a quarter of a circle.
  3. Research your food group to get this information:
    1. Recommended number of servings
    2. Types of food found in the group
    3. Nutrients
    4. Benefits to the body
  4. Put this information your construction paper.
  5. You can include images/pictures of the body parts that these foods help.
Once you're done with your food group, it will be added to the poster to form your class's version of MyPlate.

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