My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis Picture Walk Teacher Sheet

My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis Picture Walk Teacher Sheet


Before students read My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis on their own, you should do a picture walk with them. Use this sheet to help you do this picture walk.

Picture Walk

Use this script to begin the picture walk with students:

"This book has both pictures and words that help tell the whole story. As I read the words aloud, I will ask you to share what you think the pictures mean so we can better understand what the author is trying to tell us." 

  1. Assemble students in a circle around you on chairs or on the floor so they all may see the book. If possible, students may use their own copy of the book to read along.
  2. Tell students that you will read the words of the story and they will explain the pictures to try to understand what is happening in the story. This is called a picture walk because you’re going to focus on the images as a way to understand the narrative. 
  3. Because you already discussed the cover, you may move right into the content of the story. You may want to refresh students on what you discussed about the cover image and their thoughts on what the story may tell. 
  4. Open to the first page of the story and read the words aloud. Then, ask the class to describe what they see. Ask students what new information they have learned about P. Mantis with each new picture. Encourage students to describe the picture and their thoughts in as much detail as possible. Also encourage them to describe how their thoughts about the story and about P. Mantis change as the story progresses. 
  5. Continue in this manner until there is only one page left in the book.
  6. Before you turn to the last page, ask students to guess how the story ends. Encourage students to provide evidence for their prediction based on what they have learned so far. Then, turn the page and reveal the final picture.
Now, the picture walk is complete! Students may read the book independently before moving on to the next activity. 
This teacher sheet is a part of the My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis lesson.

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