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In earlier grades, you learned how the cell is the building block of life. Now you get to learn about the process of cell division called mitosis.

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  • Label the first box Interphase. Draw a circle or rectangle to represent the cell (plant or animal cell) and a small circle in the center to represent a nucleus. The chromosomes cannot be seen yet and the picture should reflect this. Label the cell membrane, the nuclear membrane, and the chromatin. If it is a plant cell, also draw and label a cell wall.
  • Label the second box Prophase. Draw a cell and use small pieces of yarn to represent the chromosomes. Use four chromosome pairs. Glue the yarn in place, keeping the pairs together. Use small circles of construction paper, small beads, or lifesavers to represent the centromeres, which are attached to the chromosome pairs. The nucleus has disappeared during this phase and the picture should reflect this idea. You may use small rectangles cut from construction paper or pieces of macaroni to represent the centrioles. Label the chromosomes, centromeres, centrioles, and the cell membrane.
  • Label the third box Metaphase. Draw the cell and use four double pieces of yarn to represent the double-stranded chromosomes as in prophase. These chromosomes are lined up along the middle of the cell and glued in place. Glue the two objects used to represent the centrioles at opposite ends of the cell. You should also use the glue to attach pieces of thread or string to the yarn chromosomes to represent the spindle fibers. Label the cell membrane, chromosomes, spindle fibers, and the centrioles in this picture, as they are the key organelles in this phase.
  • Label the fourth box Anaphase. This cell model should reflect the chromosomes separating and moving to opposite ends of the cell. The spindle fibers are shorter and the four double chromosomes are now being pulled away from each other to form a new cell, identical to the first. Glue all pieces into place and label appropriate parts. (Your teacher may direct the labeling in this phase.)
  • Label the fifth box Telophase. In the final step of mitosis, the spindle fibers have disappeared along with the centrioles. Draw the cell membrane. Also draw a nuclear membrane and lightly draw lines to represent the chromosomes (they are barely visible in this phase). If the cell is a plant cell, also draw a line to represent the cell wall, which is visible again at this stage.

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