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Boot Print
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In 2035, astronauts are expected to make their mark on the surface of Mars—literally. The bottom of each astronaut's boot is customized to leave a distinct footprint when he or she walks on Mars. Follow the directions on below to help you prepare your own "foot signature" with colored markers on a template.

Print out the Mars Boot Print template of an astronaut's boot sole. Invent your own "foot signature" by drawing a distinctive tread on the template. The custom tread is an authentic feature of astronaut gear. It ensures that each astronaut does indeed leave his or her distinctive mark on the soft Martian dust when walking on its surface.

On the other side of the paper, summarize what you've learned by writing three sentences that address one challenge in the Martian environment to overcome plus one key feature for living on Mars in a space ship plus one quote from the book you would like to share with friends and family. And if you made an online Wiki, be sure to include the URL of your class Wiki. 

When finished, your teacher will add your boot bottom to a diplay of the whole class's collection.

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