A Mendel Seminar Student Sheet

A Mendel Seminar Student Sheet Photo Credit: Clipart.com

You may refer back to Experiments in Plant Hybridization (1865), by Gregor Mendel at http://www.mendelweb.org/Mendel.html if necessary. Answer the following questions with a paragraph or two. You can address each question individually.

  • Discuss Mendel’s methodology. What were some of the careful considerations that Mendel made? Do you think his methodology was good? Why or why not?
  • Describe the results of Mendel’s pea experiment. Describe how recessive and dominant traits behave from generation to generation. Also discuss new traits.
  • Describe how Mendel’s breeding of peas demonstrated natural selection.
  • How does this in turn support biological evolution?
  • How did he control the species that he experimented with? How might these traits affect the survival of these species in the wild? What do new traits have to do with survival?

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