Meet Temple Grandin

Meet Temple Grandin


In this lesson, you are learning about the life and work of Temple Grandin, an autistic animal-behavior scientist who changed the entire meat-processing food industry through her unusual abilities to understand animals and to visualize designs for humane slaughterhouses.

Use the resources on the Meet Temple Grandin esheet to help you answer the questions here.

Talking about her cowboy shirts with the interviewer, Temple Grandin said she wasn't going to wear a gown to the Emmy's or Golden Globe awards she won for her work with animals. Why not? What was her answer, and what did she mean by it? 


Name some mannerisms you see in the way Temple Grandin talks to people.


In the meat-packing plant video where she is wearing a hard hat, could you see any of the same traits as you did in the cowboy-shirt video?


As the animals walked through the meat-packing facility, what did you notice was different about some of the structures in the video, such as the walls?


Why is it important to keep animals calm if you are going to kill them anyway?


Recalling the interview with Sy Montgomery, explain how a book about a pink dolphin can be like a book about Temple Grandin.


What was the first telephone experience between the author, Sy Montgomery, and Temple Grandin that indicated to Sy that they would get along?


Use three words to describe what it was like to be in the squeeze machine for Sy Montgomery.


What does Sy Montgomery consider one of the big messages of the book?


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