Marine Sanctuaries

Marine Sanctuaries Photo Credit: U.S. National Park Service, via Wikimedia Commons


Your group will create a poster of one of the marine sanctuaries being protected by NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program. For each marine sanctuary, you will find an introductory page, a link to an information sheet, and a link to one or more websites that will give you more information about it. Your poster should address all of the questions contained in the chart below.

The resources you will need can be accessed from the following page:

National Marine Sanctuaries: http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/

Fill out the chart as you explore the website to help you gather the information you will need. 

What is the name of the marine sanctuary?

Where is it located?

What kinds of habitats are found there?



What are the key species found there?



How does these species interact with one another?



What are some of its more unique features?



What role do humans play in this environment?



What are some of the major issues or problems faced in protecting this resource?



How are the resources being protected?



What kind of research is conducted there?



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