Mammoth Extinction

Mammoth Extinction A lifesize model of a Woolly Mammoth in the Brno museum, Anthropos.
Photo Credit: HTO, via Wikimedia Commons


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More on Mammoths

Why do we seem to know more about mammoths than other extinct, prehistoric animals?

Size among the mammoths seemed to have varied considerably. To what might this be attributed?

What do the shape and size of the mammoth’s tusks indicate that they might have been used for?

What is the relationship of the mammoth to the modern elephant?

According to some scientists, should the mammals have become extinct?

Tusks on the Tundra

Besides MacPhee’s theory of a lethal virus, what are the main theories described as to what caused the massive mammalian extinctions featured in this article?

Why did MacPhee choose Wrangel Island as the best place to look for evidence of his theory?



Hyperdisease Hypothesis

What is a megafauna?

What were the two unique features of the late Quaternary extinctions noted by MacPhee?

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