Make a Map of the Night Sky!

Make a Map of the Night Sky! Photo Credit: Clipart.com


In this part of the lesson, you have the chance to observe the night sky with the help of a map of the night sky that you make yourself! Follow the directions on this sheet to help you make your map.


  1. Cut out the map of the night sky, which has constellations on it. You will be left with an oval map of the night sky.
  2. The holder for your map has the months and days written on it. Cut out the oval in the middle. Be sure to leave the rectangle on the bottom.
  3. Fold the rectangle back, so it is hidden in the back and staple it down where there are white markings.
  4. Now slip the circle into the pocket in the back so that the map shows through the “window.”
  5. Line up today’s date with 7 pm. Now you are ready to do a real nighttime star search!
  6. Write below three constellations that you can try to spot tonight.
  7. Be sure to write down your observations after you go in search of constellations.

 Tips for Star Searching

  • Star searching is best done away from city lights.
  • You may want to bring a blanket or lawn chair so that you can be comfortable. Lie back or sit back as you look at the sky.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Remember bug spray if it’s summer.
  • Bring your Map of the Night Sky and a flashlight so that you can look at the map.
  • Late summer or winter evenings may allow you to see the Milky Way—our galaxy of about 200 billion stars that looks like a “river” or “band” of stars in the night sky.

My Observations








Constellations I observed:





What did you learn?

Your teacher just asked you to move your wheel from one date to the next, lining it up with 7 p.m. What did you notice about the constellations? Write down what you observed below.









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