Major Physical Growth Stages

Major Physical Growth Stages Photo Credit: clipart.com


This sheet gives information on important physical stages from when a child is born to five years.

Major Physical Growth Stages Birth to 5 Years Old

Babies: By the Age of 1

• grasping and sucking reflexes
• make discoveries with objects (like
shaking a rattle)
• roll a ball and throw objects
• crawl, roll over, and sit and stand up
(without support)

Toddlers: By the Age of 2

• walk forwards, backwards, and move
more easily
• pick up toys from a standing position
• push and pull objects
• walk up and down stairs (with help)
• balance and hand-eye coordination
• grasp, hold, and throw a small ball

Children: By the Age of 3

• more comfortable with moving and
• run forward and jump up and down
• stand on one foot (with help)
• use and control small objects better
• draw and paint circles
• roll, pound, squeeze, and pull clay

Children: By the Age of 4

• ability to move and balance improves
• run around objects and walk on a line
• balance on one foot
• push and pull toys and ride a tricycle
• throw and catch a ball
• build a tower of blocks
• make clay into balls, snakes, and other

Children: By the Age of 5

• more physically confident
• walk backwards and jump on one foot
• jump forward many times without falling
• walk up and down stairs (without help)
• do somersaults
• use safety scissors and print a few letters
in time for school


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