Look Up!

Look Up!


You have probably seen many birds in your neighborhood or your own backyard. Now you have a chance to learn more about those birds by observing and sketching them. Read the pages in Look Up! Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard to learn more about birds and how to sketch them.

Pages 4–9

What are some places where you can do bird-watching?



What’s the most important thing to do when bird-watching?



What are some good things to do while sketching a bird?



Pages 10–17

Pages 10–17 focus on the physical characteristics of birds. What are some of those characteristics and how can they help you identify birds?




Pages 32–35

Keeping in mind the size, shape, color, pattern, and way of moving of the birds on these pages, can you see how they are equipped to survive? Provide examples from just some of the birds on these pages.



Can you make predictions about what they eat and how they get their meals? Again, provide examples from just some of the birds on these pages.




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