Lasers Saving Sight

Lasers Saving Sight Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Read the article Preserving the Miracle of Sight. As you are reading, answer the questions on this sheet.

Name the two streams of research that contributed to the development of laser eye surgery.



What eye problems can be treated with laser surgery?



Describe how the retina works. Why is it so vulnerable?



What were some early techniques in treating a torn retina?



How did Einstein and Plank contribute to the procedure of laser surgery?



Describe Bohr’s model of the atom (briefly).



Describe how the work of physicists led to early laser technology.



List the simultaneous research going on in the early 1960’s that lead to the first laser surgery on a human in 1964.



Briefly summarize the main contributions of physics and human anatomy to the development of laser surgery.


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