Lab Girl Teacher Sheet

Lab Girl Teacher Sheet


This teacher sheet provides additional information on what to look for as students complete their reading logs and their projects.

Reading log

Questions to consider when reviewing reading logs: 

  • Are students engaged with the story more than the science, or vice versa? Depending on the goals of the class, consider including in the instructions that students take notes on the science discussed and the journey of the author, or vice versa. 
  • Do student comments on Idea Strands adequately illustrate understanding of the broader concepts in the story?
  • Do students understand how the Idea Strands relate and support each other in the telling of the story? 

student project

If students choose to Narrate the Life of a Plant, they should include these elements in their narration:

  • The name of the seed, plant, fruit, or material derived from the plant
  • The process of how the seed is germinated
  • Where the plant grows
  • Essential nutrients and climate
  • Full life cycle of the plant 
  • Uses of the plant in society 
If students choose to Interview a Female Scientist, they should include these points in their interview:
  • How and when the scientist became interested in her field 
  • The process of becoming a scientist in her field 
  • The uses of the science she studies within society
  • Obstacles faced along the way

If students choose to Analzye a Plant Allegory, they should include these elements in their essay:

  • A description of the allegory and its intended use within the book
  • A clear stance on if the allegory was effective or not, with support 
If students choose to Research a Scientific Method or Experiment, they should include these points in their presentation:
  • Who developed the method or experiment
  • How it works
  • Its initial use, and how it is used today
  • Any scientific advances as a result of this method or experiment 
This teacher sheet is a part of the Lab Girl lesson.

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