Lab Girl Project Instructions

Lab Girl Project Instructions


After completing Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, select one of the following projects. Follow the instructions on how to approach the project. Use the book and online resources to complete your project.

Project Instructions

1. Narrate the life of a plant: Select a plant to investigate, It can be any plant:  a weed, a flower, a bush, or a  tree. Narrate its life from seed to plant. Refer to Jahren's narrative and descriptive style of writing to vividly illustrate how the plant grows, what conditions it needs to grow, how it looks, smells, and sounds as it grows, and how it changes throughout the seasons.  

2. Interview a female scientist: Seek out a woman in the sciences in your community and interview that individual about her life. Ask questions about when they first knew they wanted to become a scientist, who inspired them to become a scientist, what early experiences got them interested in science, and what obstacles they have faced as a female scientist.

3. Analyze a plant allegory: Select an excerpt where the author uses the description of plant life as a metaphor for life. Write an essay focused on what aspect of life the author was referencing in the excerpt and if the use of this metaphor was effective. 

4. Research a scientific method or experiment: Select a scientific method or experiment described in the text and use it as the basis for a research project. For example, building on the author’s work using the mass spectrometer to separate and weigh atoms within a cell, research other ways this tool can be used. Alternatively, select another scientific experiment, tool, or process discussed in the book that you would like to learn more about. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing in detail the experiment, tool, or process, how it was invented, what it is used for, and other relevant findings. 

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