Key Concepts Teacher Sheet

Key Concepts Teacher Sheet


In this part of the lesson, students should write an essay based on one of two different readings. They should use the matrix on this sheet to help them define the key concepts involved in the issue and to guide them in writing their essay.


Key concepts


Mapping genes

This is the process of creating a genetic map to better understand a person’s genetic makeup.


Cloning is the process of creating an exact genetic copy of a gene, which results in exact copies of every piece of DNA between the two cloned organisms.

Raw material


In the case of genetic research, it is human tissue that has not been modified by researchers. It is tissue that is as it was when removed from the person’s body.

The Common Rule


It is a federal law that requires scientists to tell people if they are participating in research, that their participation is voluntary, and that they can withdraw from the study at any time, without penalty.


Biobanks are laboratories where tissue from patients is stored for possible research.

Donor restrictions

In biomedical research, it is the restrictions donors may make on the use of their tissues once removed from their bodies. This issue is highly controversial.

Inventive effort

The process of turning cells into an invention by doing research that modifies the cells in some way.

Genetic rights

A person’s right to privacy with respect to genetic information and materials.

DNA testing

Tests scientists conduct on DNA to extract information.

Genetic disease

Diseases that get passed down through generations via the parents’ genes.


This teacher sheet is a part of the The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks lesson.

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