Junior Paleontologist

Junior Paleontologist Michael Gray, Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic via Wikimedia Commons


As part of your final assignment for this lesson, you should pretend that you are a paleontologist (a person who studies dinosaur fossils). Use the resources on the Fossils and Dinosaurs esheet to help you learn more about fossils and dinosaurs. Then, use that information to fill out this sheet.

Pretend you work in a museum and you have just finished piecing together a nearly complete dino.

  • Describe the dinosaur, and tell a story about its life, based on the fossil find.

  • Use what we know about living animals to come up with ideas about the dinosaurs.

  • Back you ideas by what you have found in the fossils. (If it's a meat-eater, describe its teeth.)

  • Be creative… some scientists can get really creative when describing how the dinosaurs lived. Remember to use phrases like: "this dinosaur might have," or "the fossil evidence suggests."


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