Introduction to Design Philosophy

Introduction to Design Philosophy Photo Credit: VFS Digital Design (CC BY 2.0) via flickr.


Use the resources from your Design Challenge student esheet to help you answer the questions on this sheet.

Design Philosophy

Explain two key elements of design thinking that make the most sense to you. For help, refer to the five honeycomb graphic at the Design Thinking Process page.


Give an example from students filmed in D. School bootcamp video on why they value the approach; what they get from it.


Explain how you might apply it to the innovation process you are using in looking for a new solution for the water-access problem.


What is lean design? What is agile innovation?


When and where did the lean approach start? In what field are its roots often erroneously located?


Name two attributes of each of these approaches (four ideas total) that you can apply in designing a new solution to the water-access problem.


How do these models compare and contrast with the traditional scientific inquiry? Are they something entirely different or are they an expansion of scientific inquiry?



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