Introduction to De-Extinction

Introduction to De-Extinction


Have you ever thought about bringing extinct animals back to life? This is called de-extinction and through recent technology and preserved DNA, this could be a future possibility. You will get to explore this topic more and learn about the benefits and concerns of bringing animals back to life. To begin exploring the topic of de-extinction, listen and watch one or both of the TED talks on your Resurrection Science student esheet and answer the questions on this sheet.

Ancient DNA—What It Is and What It Could Be

1. What is ancient DNA and where is it found?


2. What issues are there in analyzing ancient DNA?


3. What are some improvements that Beth Shapiro talked about that need to happen to recover enough DNA from an extinct animal and sequence a full genome?



The Dawn of De-Extinction: Are You Ready?

1.Take one of the de-extinction projects mentioned in Stewart Brand’s talk and briefly describe here in your own words. 


2. Briefly list and describe the basic steps it will take to breed an extinct animal.


3. What is captive breeding? How does this help conservation efforts?


4. Do you think the science of de-extinction will help conservation efforts? Explain in your own words. 



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