Introducing Static Electricity

Introducing Static Electricity Photo Credit: Science NetLinks


Use the resource on the Introducing Static Electricity student esheet to understand more about the structure and characteristics of atoms and the positive and negative charges of their subparticles.

As you explore the resource, answer the questions below. Be prepared to discuss your answers with the class. You will be asked to use what you have learned to explain in your own words what causes static electricity.

1. What is the difference between electrons and protons?


2. When does a piece of matter have a “charge?”


3. What happens if two objects have the same charge? What happens if two objects have different charges? Can you think of an example of this?


4. What often happens when you rub one object with another object? Describe what happens using a specific example.


5. What kinds of objects give up electrons easily?


6. What kinds of objects pick up electrons easily?


Understanding What You’ve Learned:
Explain in your own words what causes static electricity. Include examples of static electricity in everyday life. Be sure to discuss the role of electrons and protons in static electricity.



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