Introducing Biodiversity

Introducing Biodiversity


Use the Welcome to the Dzangha Sangha (http://www.amnh.org/ology/features/dzangasangha) resource to answer the questions on this sheet. Follow the directions on the student esheet to move around the resource.

Forest Web

In what ways do the BaAka people use trees? How does the African pied hornbill
use them?



What are the different birds shown in this ecosystem? How are they alike? Different?



How do leopards both give and take away life in this ecosystem?



If the leopards become extinct, how might this affect the other species that are
connected to them?


Bai Web

How are the BaAka people dependent on the dwarf antelope and other small
mammals like it?



How is the water pool used in this part of the ecosystem?



Which species in this ecosystem rely on plants? Explain.



Imagine that the speckle-lipped mabuya became over populated in the bai. How might this hurt the ecosystem? Explain.


River Web

What is one way the BaAka use trees from this river ecosystem?



How do crocodiles and Egyptian plovers relate to each other?



What kinds of foods does the golden barb eat? Do you think it could survive if
spiders in the river area become extinct? Why or why not?

When you have finished going through all three ecosystems, be prepared to
answer these general questions:

In what ways do insects and animals use plants in these ecosystems?



In what ways do plants benefit from animals?



In what ways do humans use plants? Animals? Ecosystems?



What happens when an animal dies in its own ecosystem? How can this benefit the



What might happen if humans decided to cut down trees in one of the ecosystems
to build new apartment buildings?



What might happen if humans decided to protect these ecosystems?

Use the Bio-Benefits resource (http://ology.amnh.org/biodiversity/biobenefits/index.html ) to answer these questions:

How do plants give us clean air to breathe?



How do forests help to keep our drinking water clean?



What are some examples of how ecosystems affect cultural traditions?



Which animal species inspired the invention of the airplane?



What kinds of things do people do for fun in ecosystems?



How do ecosystems help us to live longer, better lives?


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