Interview with a Protoceratops

Interview with a Protoceratops Photo Credit: Clipart.com


This sheet has a list of questions you could use when interviewing the Protoceratops.  It could also be used as a guide for thinking of your own questions.

Name: __________________________________________


  • How old are you (as a fossil)?

  • What did you look like when you were alive?

  • How much did you weigh?

  • Could you run fast?

  • Why don’t you have any horns?

  • Why are your “ears” so big?

  • Why is the back of your head so big?

  • What kinds of food did you eat?

  • Were you a carnivore?

  • Were you a herbivore?

  • How did you die?

  • How did you become a fossil?

  • How were you found?

  • What part of you was uncovered first?

  • How did you get to New York?

  • What is it like to have so many people looking at you everyday?

  • How did the scientists know the correct way to put your bones together?

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