Insect Explorers Research Sheet

Insect Explorers Research Sheet


Use this sheet to help you as you do research on the insect you have selected.  You will want to get a photo of your insect and answer the questions on this sheet so that you may tell your classmates a little about the insect you chose to research!



What is the insects’ food source that allows their body to obtain the food they need to mature and grow?



What is the food chain that involves your insect?



A food web consists of many food chains that are linked together and to their environments. What do you think would happen to the ecosystem if your insect were close to extinction or extinct?



What important role does your insect play in the environment?



Does your insect have a negative role in the environment?



What defense mechanism does you insect have that helps it survive?



Is there an environmental factor that keeps your insect from overpopulating the environment?



If you moved your insect into a totally new environment, would you expect it to thrive? Why or why not?



Why are insects important to the environment?



Where do insects live?


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