Immigration Close-Up

Immigration Close-Up Photo Credit: Clipart.com


Use the resources on the Exploring Immigration esheet to respond to the questions below.

Chinese Immigrants and the Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad
1. Why did the Central Pacific Railroad decide to use Chinese immigrants as laborers?



2. Why had the Chinese immigrated to America?



3. What kind of social ties did they form and work did they do in America?



4. What kind of workers were the Chinese immigrants?



5. How were the Chinese treated by the railroad and by society in general?


Irish American Solidarity
1. How did Irish Catholic immigrants differ from other immigrant groups in America?



2. What reaction from Americans caused them to act this way?



3. How were these conflicts reflected in politics?



4. How did the legislatures of Michigan and Nebraska react to the Catholic immigrants during the Progressive Era?



5. How did the reaction to Irish Catholic immigrants change over time?




Italian Immigration
1. What factors influenced many Italians to immigrate to America?



2. How did the situation in Italy help create a lack of ethnic cohesiveness among those who eventually immigrated to America?



3. What kind of work did many Italian immigrants do?



4. Why didn’t Italian immigrants have much political impact?



5. Why were many Italian immigrants known as “birds of passage”?



Viva La Raza
1. In the 1960s, how did the economic situation of Hispanics compare with that of non-Hispanics?



2. What social factors prevented Hispanics from getting higher paying, white-collar jobs?



3. What political response did Mexican Americans have to this situation?



4. What types of social and political actions resulted?



5. Which social group became active in the fight for the rights of Chicanos in the late 1960s and what actions did they take?



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