I Have Good Taste

I Have Good Taste


For this activity, you should create a greeting card that could be mailed to friends or family. This greeting card should explain how we taste things. Follow the directions on this sheet to help you create the greeting card.


  1. Fold an 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper in half top to bottom, and then in half side to side. It should be greeting card size, and there should be four writing surfaces, including the cover.
  2. On the cover, create a title page: “I have good taste!” Draw a picture of yourself.
  3. Inside p. 2, make two drawings and the words highest up, located as if a title: “Taste begins on the tongue. The tongue communicates with my brain through taste buds, taste pores, and sensory nerve fibers.” The two pictures are: side view of an empty head, with the brain drawn as a general oval and labeled as “My Brain” and lines that connect it to Picture 2; side view, as on p. 40, of the fungiform papillae and its parts.
    Show these three elements in each picture:
    a. Taste pore
    b. Taste bud
    c. Sensory nerve fiber
  4. On p. 3, draw a chart reporting class results of the number of super tasters, tasters, and non tasters—and definitions of each, in terms of fungiform papillae. The chart should be called: “What Kinds of Tasters We Are.”
  5. Back page. Use the image on p. 44 of Exploratopia as a guide to make a picture of an outmoded idea: the old “Tongue Map,” with the “not” bar drawn diagonally through it. You should write: “People once thought the tongue had taste departments, like this map shows. That theory is not true because evidence doesn’t support it. Instead, evidence shows the tongue can taste a range of flavors all over.” Then add your name, copyright and year, and name of your scientific publishing company (e.g., “Lorenzo Productions That Rock!”).

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