How Laughter Benefits Your Immune System

How Laughter Benefits Your Immune System Photo Credit: Clipart.com.


Work in a small group or with a partner to prepare a report on laughter and the immune system. Your project can take the form of a Power Point slide show, posters, art work, or even a skit or video. Be creative in your presentation, using flow charts, drawings, physical objects, or other tools to convey your ideas.

Remember, even though creativity is important, your projects should accurately describe the principal function of the immune system, what the parts of the system are and how they work together, as well as how laughter can benefit the function of the immune system.

Use this sheet to obtain approval from your teacher before you finalize your project.

The Title of Your Project:

The Names of Your Team Members:

Briefly describe the presentation format that you will use (i.e, poster, Power Point presentation, etc.):

List some of the resources you have used to research your project:



Teacher Approval: ______________________________________

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