How Alcohol Abuse Begins

How Alcohol Abuse Begins Photo Credit: Clipart.com.


Share this scenario with students. Then ask them to develop an argument to convince Carlos and Claudia to stop drinking.

Carlos and Claudia like to have fun. They love to get dressed up and go to parties at their friends' houses. At first, the only drink served at these parties was soda, but over time, that changed. Older friends began bringing over beer.

In the beginning, Carlos and Claudia didn't like the taste. They drank it anyway, mostly because everyone else did. Over time, they changed their minds and decided that they did like beer after all.
Almost without even realizing it, Carlos and Claudia began to go to parties not just to have fun but to drink. And when they drank, they behaved differently. They laughed loudly and became openly affectionate in public. They started paying less attention to their schoolwork, and their grades started to slip. Their parents noticed and said they weren't allowed to go out, but they found ways to sneak out of their houses. Finally, even their friends began to wonder about their behavior. They wanted to talk to Carlos and Claudia, to convince them that they should stop drinking. But they were unsure what to say.

What do you think? How would you convince Carlos and Claudia to stop drinking?

This teacher sheet is a part of the Alcohol and Its Impact on the Brain lesson.

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