Hot and Cold Colors Teacher Sheet

Hot and Cold Colors Teacher Sheet © 2012 Clipart.com


This sheet provides the suggested procedure for conducting the activity.


  • red food coloring
  • 3 same size containers
  • cold water
  • hot water
  • room temperature water
  • stopwatch
  • student worksheets (1 for each student)


1. Assign roles to group members:

2 people will gather and return materials (“Material Managers”)
1 person will drop the food coloring (“Dropper”)
1 person will use the stopwatch to measure the time (“Timer”)

2. Material Managers gather materials and set up.

3. Cold water test:

a. one of the “Material Managers” pours cold water into a container
b. the “Dropper” drops 1 drop of food coloring into the cold water
c. the “Timer” starts the stopwatch as soon as the food coloring hits the water, and
stops the stopwatch when the color is spread throughout the water
d. in the data table, each student records the time (in seconds) for the food coloring
to spread throughout the water, along with observations

4. Hot water test:

Repeat the steps for the cold water test, but use hot water instead of cold.

5. Room temperature test:

Repeat the above procedure using room temperature water.

6. Material Managers return lab materials and clean up.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Hot and Cold Colors lesson.

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