Hopping Ahead of Climate Change Poster

Hopping Ahead of Climate Change Poster


Now that you've learned more about how climate change can impact snowshoe hares, you should conduct some research to see how climate change may impact other animals that molt. You should use the information you find to create a poster about that animal.


1. Use your Hopping Ahead of Climate Change esheet to go to the Before and After resource to read about and see some other animals that molt.

2. Choose an animal that you want to study.

3. Use books or the Internet to look for information about that animal.

4. Animal Information

Animal _______________________________________________________________



Description of its coat in winter and summer


Food of choice


Predators that might eat it


Evidence that the animal might be affected by changes in the timing of winter or spring




Use the information you've gathered to create your poster. Your poster should have at least 5 images — one image for each of the pieces of information you had to find.

Your poster should also include some captions/or text that explain the images. You should explain how changes in climate might affect the animal.

You will present your poster to your class so you should prepare what you want to say and make sure you know the facts about your animal.

Your teacher will provide you with a rubric so you know what you will be graded on.

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